Rohini Jayaram

Achaaryaa (आचार्या)

Rohini is an ardent classical dancer pursuing her passion since the year 2007. She has been learning the art of Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Guru Smt Nirupama Rajendra and Sri T.D Rajendra at Abhinava Dance Company over a span of 15 years and is now one of the faculty members of the dance school.

To further improvise her skills, she has undergone substantial training in Natyashastra and has also completed EMERGE, a course for choreography, under her gurus.  As part of the dance team, she has wistfully represented ADC and delivered a good lot of performances across the nation. 

Rohini is a graduate from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology and holds a Master's degree in  Computer Applications.  She is currently working as a full time faculty at Abhinava Dance Company.