Ranju Ramachandran

Achaaryaa (आचार्या)

Ranju has been training in the classical art form, Kathak under the tutelage of her gurus Smt Nirupama Rajendra and Sri TD Rajendra for over 10yrs.

To further develop her knowledge she received a formal training in special movement vocabulary called Karanas from Natyashastra under the able guidance of Smt Nirupama Rajendra. She has also been part of the workshops of legendary maestros like Pandit Birju Maharaj and Padma Bhushan Kumudhini Lakhia, organised by Abhinava Dance Company, Bangalore.

Ranju is a graduate in architecture and is currently working for a Bangalore based design firm. She is also an integral part of the performing unit of Abhinava dance company and currently works as a faculty at Abhinava Dance School.