Established in 1996, our Dance School conducts classes every week for age groups between 5 yrs - 60 yrs of age. Whether you are a child, teenager, housewife or a working professional, there is something for EVERYBODY here !  Regular classes are offered in Kathak , Bharathanatyam & Natyashastra.

The school provides an environment with all amenities including two world-class dance studios located in the cultural hub of the city - Basavanagudi, South Bangalore.

Abhinava Dance School is endorsed by The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) as an institute meeting the international standards for Guru-shishya training in dance & has opened scholarships for foreign students who wish to learn at the institution.

Dance Styles


Kathak - The major classical dances of northern India derives its name from Katha – story telling & features graceful gestures, vibrant footwork & breathtaking pirouettes. It is the only Indian dance form that combines influences of both Hindu and Islamic cultures. It is a dance of communication reflecting the total philosophy of life. It adheres to tradition while evolving in new dimensions.


Bharathanatyam is one of the oldest classical dances that evolved as a devotional dance in South Indian Temples. This art was handed down over the centuries as a vital, dynamic, living tradition of India. It is now a highly cultivated art that integrates music, theatre, poetry, sculpture. and literature. 


Natyashastra is the encyclopaedia on performing arts that has governed the laws of aesthetics in dance music painting sculpture poetics & iconography for the entire Indian subcontinent and has also exerted its influence on Chinese, Balinese, Indonesian, Japanese & Greek theatre.



A holistic learning program that includes knowledge on the origin, history, traditional techniques and their creative adaptations

 Course Content:

* Understanding of power, grace, style, rhythm, recitation, body alignment balance.

* Inter connectedness between movement and emotions.

* Techniques drawn from the expertise of various masters who have contributed to the Art form.

* Understand detailing in movements and nuances required to be a good performer. 

To Enroll for Kathak Classes :

Contact : megha@abhinavadancecompany.com / +919880100064


The program focuses on the development of the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural aspects of the dance form.

  Course Content:

* Awareness on of the rich background of stories and embedded philosophies.

* Channelizing energy for skill enhancement and enjoyment

* Develop imagination and creativity in expression

* Develop nuances required to be a good performer

To Enroll for Bharathanatyam classes :

Contact : smruthi@abhinavadancecompany.com / +919739905741


This uniquely designed program connects the building blocks of Indian Dance as prescribed in the ‘Natyashastra’   - an encyclopaedia containing the literature on Theatre Art.

The course content is based on a special pedagogy extracted from the findings of the research conducted by eminent scholar and master practitioner Dr. Padmasubramaniam. She has revived, reconstructed and re-created movement vocabularies from the scripture to effectively translate to students across the world. The program structure includes a combination of theory, demonstration and practical sessions.


To Enroll for Natyashastra Workshops :

Contact : smruthi@abhinavadancecompany.com / +919739905741


We offer dance workshops during our International tours designed for dancers to develop techniques drawn from our knowledge systems.

To book workshops by Nirupama and Rajendra inbox : smruthi@abhinavadancecompany.com / +919739905741


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Visiting Faculty

Ragini Chandran
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Special Activities

Sadbhavana :

An activity that brings smiles on the faces and joy in the hearts of people from under privileged backgrounds. In this program ADC dancers spend time with senior citizens, inmates of old age homes & children from orphanages/special needs & share a life filled with dance, love and care. The dancers perform, interact, conduct workshops & also serve food with utmost love & care for all the members. 


Find out when is the next Sadbhavana 

& If you wish to be a part of Sadbhavana email :


Vijayadashami :

Watch ADC celebrate the important festival of the Hindus , Vijayadashami or Dusserah through DANCE. 

On this auspicious day of Vijayadashami all the 400 dancers of ADC come together to share their artistry through an informal performance in an open class in the presence of their family & friends. They sing, dance & recite chants as a mark of worship to Goddess Saraswati - the goddess of wisdom, knowledge, learning, music and arts. 

To attend the Forthcoming Celebrations,   inbox: indu@abhinavadancecompany.com


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