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The enchanting ‘Madhuvanthi Tillana’ of the legendary composer Shri. Lalgudi Jayaraman is visualized with new dimensions.

The text at the end which is on Lord Krishna is explored as the divine ecstasy experienced by three heroines - Andal, Radha & Meerabai who were the greatest devotees of Lord.Sri.Krishna.

Choreography : Nirupama & Rajendra Tillana Composer : Lalgudi Jayaraman Additional Music : Praveen Rao Vocal : M.S.Sheela & Sangeetha Katti Dance Performance : Abhinava Dance Company, Bangalore


A Unique Spring festival “ Madanothsava “

MADANOTHSAVA ! The ancient Indian festival organised by Abhinava welcoming Spring was revived & celebrated with over 6000 people joining. It was one of the most memorable experience for all filled with so much joy, laughters, beauty, colors & culture.